A few days ago a twitter account whose profile picture is a half naked girl showed up in my mentions as they “liked” one of my tweets. I correctly figured it was a twitter pornbot, made obvious by the generic phrases attached to each retweet which consisted of their entire timeline. What caught my attention was the account’s creation date of August 2013. My initial thought was “wow these pornbot lords have been planning further ahead than some in the intelligence community!” but I think that might be a bit of a stretch.


The account started tweeting on the 21st of July 2017. I googled the twitter account name to see if it showed up anywhere else and found that google still has the original name of the account.


Blake Brownlow! Ok, who is this guy.


A futuristic bro appears! But it’s a private account which implies he’s a real person. Nothing turned up in google when I searched for his twitter account which might mean he had that set to private too. Obviously being from the future he intimately understands privacy after having survived the google/facebook wars of 2033.

So what happened to his twitter account? My guess is that it got jacked recently, probably through credential stuffing / password reuse. There hasn’t been a big breach of 3rd party twitter plugins which could point to that as being the cause, at least not publically. The credentials would have sold on to a spammer and voila, Audrey Mason is imagined into existence.

But who knows.

Maybe someone on twitter knows more than I and can hit me up?

Hey I didn’t say I had all the answers, just mildly interesting information :>